1970 Chevelle AM/FM Radio

Product Information

Features include a built in SCAN button to allow you to easily SCAN through stations. Easy ON, by pressing any button, the radio turns on. Includes an original style AM/FM slider, and four original style presets. Original yellow or blue dot stereo light that lights up continuously while the radio plays. It also has the ability to play songs directly from your MP3 or IPOD player and activate the MP3 mode by pressing in on the tuning knob. You adjust which track you want to listen to by just turning the knob to the left or the right. Now all the MP3 features work exactly the same with the 10 Disc CD changer that we also offer for the radios. Other features of the radios that must be controlled by the remote, include: adjusting Bass, Treble, Fade, and Balance. By using the remote you have an additional 6 presets for a total of 10. The remote includes extra function buttons for Repeat, Auto Search presets, BAND, Mute, along with your standard play controls. Your retro radio comes with a 7 page instruction manual on the features and functions of the radio. Installation is simple and straight forward with a wiring diagram included right on the case.

45 Watts per channel/ 180 Watts of Total output

4 Channels/ 4 Speaker Availability

2 RCA outputs

CD Changer input port

3.5 mm Jack for Ipod/MP3